A.D. Front respects the privacy rights of its users. It takes special care to protect their personal data and uses appropriate technological solutions to prevent third-party interference with users' privacy.

By browsing, searching for information, offers, or ordering goods on the website www.bizuteriafront.pl, you accept the rules contained in the Privacy Policy, which can be found on this website.

A.D. Front, as the owner of www.bizuteriafront.pl, reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. If changes are made to the Privacy Policy, they do not affect the basic principle: we do not sell or share personal or address data of our customers/users of www.bizuteriafront.pl with third parties.

Personal data

In the shopping section, the user has the option to register, but it is not necessary to make purchases. Registration allows the user to use additional functionalities and discounts.

The registration form requires personal data such as name and surname, as well as login and password, which are necessary to place orders on www.bizuteriafront.pl. In the registration form, in accordance with the currently applicable Personal Data Protection Act, the user must give consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of A.D. Front.

A user who places an order in the store without prior registration must fill out a form with shipping data.

In the announcements module, the user may provide personal data in the form when adding an advertisement, but it is not required.

User data may also be collected in connection with the provision of other services or the organization of competitions on www.bizuteriafront.pl.

It should be remembered that the user's consent to the processing of their personal data by A.D. Front for marketing purposes is entirely voluntary. Each user has the right to access and correct the data provided by themselves. This can be done by contacting A.D. Front. In the case of registered users, the user profile editing form can also be used.

Deleting a user account

Any user who has created a store account can request its deletion at any time. The account will be deleted immediately or after completion of the orders assigned to it. All data will be deleted, including the email from the database.

Recreating such an account will not be possible, the customer will have to create it again and enter all the data.

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